Monday, July 19, 2010

Raki? None for me, thanks.

Second week of Laban began. We started off with a bang! I don't think I have ever done so many grand-plié a la seconde in my whole life...

My advanced "release" technique class, beginning at 9:30AM and taught by a brilliant pint-sized ball of fire is not so rejuvenating as it might sound. She kicks my butt first thing each morning, with more squats, suspensions, speedy footwork and dropping than you could imagine. I love it!
After this I go straight to my advanced Limon class with Luca, another pint-sized and brillian (and adorable) young teacher who can't help but make you work hard.
Lunch comes around and then a nice Pilates class. And then the day ends with Capoiera with Will...a whole separate story. Exhausting? Yes. Invigorating? Yes. Possibly something I want to study deeply in the future? Definitely.

I had beer and dinner with Jacque, MJ and Phillipe (my cousin, aunt and uncle.) We resumed to the same place we visited this weekend; a cool, mildly fancy pub near Bloomsbury park, down the street from Jacques' flat. I had a PINT which is actually 20 fluid ounces, as opposed to the 16 fl ounces that we americans are used to. Boy oh boy, how I love the beer here! Yes. I am officially a beer lover now. Liqour? Alright. Wine? Pretty great. Beer? MORE!
After beers we proceeded to Tas, a Turkish food place nearby. I tried my first glass of Raki...pretty much not delicious to me, but I am happy I tried it anyways.

On the way home from dinner, after saying farewell to MJ and Ph, as they are returning to the states tomorrow, I took the Victoria Line home. Here I made friends with a starving actor from Dublin named Chris. He has been living in Brixton for the past half year (or something like that) auditioning and trying to get into the acting world. His story made me happy and reconfirmed that I'm not totally crazy trying to make this do-art-in-Europe dream happen.

This weekend I saw Hofesh Shechter's "Political Mother" at Sadler's Wells Theatre. I haven't got the energy or wrapped up thoughts to go into depth, but basically I was blown away and completely inspired at the quality of just about everything evolving around the show. I WANT TO DANCE FOR THESE PEOPLE. AHHHHHH. So slinky yet precise and glorious all around.
Here is a few links about the show:

The second is a review with a rather blunt ending/opinion, but the descriptions in between are well...descriptive.

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