Sunday, June 27, 2010

many moons ago...

Al Oeste/Del Río (Trailer) from Ben Kullerd on Vimeo.

This is not dance related, but life related.
I took a roadtrip during January of 2008 with some beautiful people in a beautiful place.
This is the documentary video that Ben Kullerd made of our travels.

Below is the description of the film that Ben provides on his Vimeo page:

"This is a makeshift trailer or preview for a feature-length documentary I am editing. The documentary, currently under the working title of "Al Oeste/Del Río," folows me and three of my friends on a trip we took during January of 2008. The title, which means "West of the River," is also a play on words - "al oeste" means to the west, which is where we traveled on our trip, and Del Río is the name of the first town we visited on our way to Big Bend National Park, Terlingua and Chinati Hot Springs.

Following the trailer is my opening credits sequence, edited to "The Last Beat of My Heart" by DeVotchka. The opening trailer is edited to "Scotch & Chocolate" by Nickel Creek."


Choreography by UT dancer Matthew Bunker. This was performed at the informal concert at American College Dance Festival in Louisiana, 2010.

I'm the one with black shorts, a purple shirt, hair... *-*

Monday, June 21, 2010


Well tickle me pink, look what we have here: MORE VIDEOS FROM RED7!

"Touch Me Good" and "Open"

I send a warm thanks to Matt Ely for recording the show. He is a bright star.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kudos to Marshall

Here is a tiny video of me dancing with the beautiful Katarina Arneric in 2009. Choreography by (again) the talented Mariclaire Gamble. Production hosted/created by J. Elissa Marshall.

I also must give you directions to finding this video because I don't have the file myself. I was perusing around Elissa's website and admiring it, when suddenly I noticed I was mentioned in one of her uploaded videos! A little blast from the past, it was. (Yoda?) Anyhow, if you would like to see, follow directions, and also take a look around Elissa's fashionable site. She is the bomb-diggity, and her photos and videos deserve much attention.

1.) use the link listed in step #3!
2.) watch the video entitled “Modern Neon/In Rainbow/Mindless Connection”

Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

Note: there is a lot of talking before the dancing starts, but if you listen it is interesting. Also, the first speaker is Elissa's brother Ross...darling. Artist siblings.

"Like I Always Knew" - Finale

One more video of some footage from that glorious night at Red7. This is the final piece of the show, entitled "Like I Always Knew."

"Look to the Stars"

Here is some more footage from the Romulus Ate performance at Red7. Filmed by the oh-so-talented and oh-so-respected Matt Ely. Thanks for all the help, buddy!
Note: audio/bass on film= not so hot.
Audio/bass live in concert= VERY HOT.

Romulus Ate at Red7! "Dirty"

Romulus Ate was performed at Red7, a cozy little Communist/Red/whatever bar downtown.
Really unique and amazing experience. I sweat more than (what I thought) was humanly possible.
Pretty wild!