Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today Søren is teaching me how to manipulate my new website. I am completely overwhelmed with how many colors I have to choose from, borders, font sizes, texts...

So, please forgive the mess. In time I will be more comfortable!
Here is a fun photo of my last day at the University of
Texas at Austin, at our "Senior Send-Off". The man happily encased in my arms is Yacov Sharir, one of the most cherished of teachers in my life, and probably in the world. It was a glorious goodbye, as you can tell.

Ears, Eyes and Feet 2009. Choreography by MC Gamble

My grand entrance is at 15 seconds. Mariclaire liked the idea of robots at a dance party, and the piece got weirder from there. This was a fun work to participate in.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Romulus Ate montage/documentary

Romulus Ate

What is "Romulus Ate"? Is it

a.) a dance concert
b.) a light show
c.) a rock show
d.) a journey

The answer is E, ALL OF THE ABOVE!


Micheal Howell- Director, Composer
Eric Lara-Lighting
Alex Van Bavel-Lighting
Lisa Kobdish-Choreography, Dance
Mariclaire Gamble-Choreography, Dance
Janna Rock-Choreography, Dance
Courtney Mazeika-Dance
Kate Kislingbury-Dance
Mark Rocha-Drumset
Jonathan Shim-Percussion
Taylor Kirk-Live Sound
Sarah Thornell- Costume Design/Construction
Beauty Thibodeau-Hair and Makeup Design/Application
Anna Fugate- Makeup Artist

Using choreography created simultaneously with the music that accompanies it, lights operated from an onstage homemade light board, set pieces moving as part of the choreography, and electronic melodies combined with acoustic percussion, this dance/movement, music, and lights performance piece will explore performance semiotics at their core. The production team will also create a performance-world that can be erected in a minimal amount of time, in any venue, using homemade lights and set pieces.