Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here is a tiny look into the flat that I am living in during the next two weeks. The flat belongs to some lovely friends of boyfriend to a friend of Soren...basically, I don't know these folk, but they have been kind enough to let me stay in their place in Brixton, on "Bob Marley Way" while they are vacationing.

The one downfall of this situation is that I am exetremly far away from Laban, the institute where I am dancing every day. Brixton is about an hour long tube ride, with 2 changes, to Greenwich, where the school is based. By the time I get home each day after dancing it is past 8pm and I am TIRED.

I finally got to the grocery store yesterday and bought, among other things, two necessary items: thick cut, traditional marmalde and Nutella. The Nutella is sumblime as always. The marmalade...gross. But I had to try it!

Happy points of this trip: mostly everything.
- The freedom of being alone, figuring things out for myself.
- Riding the tube, seeing a mass majority of London citizens getting up together every week day, getting on the mass transportation, off to their jobs. It is superb people-watching, and though I try to blend in with the unenthused, exhausted look like everyone else has, I am so interested on the inside!
- Everyone sounds like they are in a Happy Potter film. It's awesome
- Aside from "everyone", of course there are many foreigners as well. I sat next to two Danes on the tube yesterday. I could tell because they sounded like Soren :)
- The dancing! Holy moly, I can't forget about the dancing, which is why I'm here in the first place. My classes are crazy intense, and I am holding up well (aside from extremely sore thign muslces and a cronic case of jetlag). I am taking Advanced Limon technique, Advanced Release technique, a Pilates course, and an introduction into Capoeira with an oh-so-cool teacher. In fact all of the teachers are quite enjoyable. I haven't met too many friends, but I have been smiley and happy around the classrooms, and I think my presence is appreciated. That is all I ask for!

Sad points: Very few
- My alarm clock won't work, so I have had to figure out different methods of waking up. Not a very happy feeling the to realize this THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. But I still made it on time.
- Despite how hard I tried, I still think I packed too much. My backpack was ridicuously full and heavy, and I know half the clothes I truly won't wear. Oh well. The worst part is over; me arriving in London looking like a complete foreigner with my overstuffed luggage, my passport holder on my hip, a detailed map and a very confused look. After I travel to Amsterdam, that feeling won't be happening anymore, as I'll be based in Copenhagen after that and hopefully feeling pretty much "at home".


  1. I miss you. Enjoy your flat!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    so this video made me laugh a lot by myself in my empty apt.

    those finger puppets and creepy baby with small creepy pink beanie hat remind me of me.

    i'm so freaking envious and happy for you and the technique you are getting across the pond/ slash that freakin dj who mixes for your class is totally ideal.

    i haven't danced much. last night i took a jazz class at tapestry from a 20-21 yr old with a bunch of middle school/14-15 yr olds and that boosted my confidence a bit.....

    i love you sooo much and think about you pretty much every day b/c of some random thought or occurence that inadvertently causes me to think of you and then i get happy and then quickly morose b/c you are soo far from me and experiencing something that we should be experiencing together but instead i'm taking a class where i just read about genocide and want to cry....

    phewfffff...word vomit...we have to dance together in the immediate's clear to me now....but you're gonna have to help me close the gap that is now quickly forming between us in technique...ugghhhh .

    come back and teach me everything you know..until then i'm gonna be doing warrior one and two along with time steps in character shoes.